Intuitive Consultation from Novi, Michigan

Creating connections, The Illuminated Path in Novi, Michigan, provides unique intuitive consultations and spiritual counseling for individuals serious about connecting to the universal life force, the "Source of all that is", God, whatever term you deem appropriate. I personally prefer "God", and so I will refer to Him in this way from here on out. The important thing to recognize is that we were created by God in spirit first, and thus we are not OF  this world, but rather IN this world. It is a very important distinction. My guardian angel, Horatio says, " the most important message of all is that we are children of God, filled with infinite wisdom, love and compassion. It resides within each and every one of us waiting to be discovered or remembered. That is what puts us on our life path or divine purpose. We are all here to serve God and each other, growing each and every time we have the opportunity to serve- as it deepens our faith and love for God we grow in ways that we may not be able to understand now, but will one day."  He goes on to say that "it is crucial to give our worries and fears to God so that we may be open to receive love and forgiveness for ourselves and others. It is in that love and forgiveness that our spiritual connection to God grows and expands in ways that are necessary to be happy and peaceful on this earth plane"

Intuitive Services

Providing distinct intuitive services, I specialize in divine guidance- speaking with guardian angels, spirit guides and loved ones in spirit. I also offer Akashic record readings (the record holds information about the journey of your soul since its creation). Sometimes it is necessary to uncover traumatic experiencing in the past to overcome patterns in the present, to "break the cycle of a recurrent problem" so to speak, in this lifetime.

The most important thing for you to know is that I am dedicated to helping you find peace and joy in your life by tapping into the messages you are receiving from your own guardian angels and spirit guides. They desperately want to help you, but sometimes a conflicted mind and negative emotions prevent that from happening.  The negativity acts as a barrier to receiving  the divine guidance. Using a range of communications, I help you resolve current life issues by speaking with your guardian angels, and spirit guides. It is sometimes necessary to speak with your deceased love ones, as well, in cases of extreme grief or unresolved issues  with a loved one in spirit. All communication is to promote healing and guidance allowing you to discover the true nature of your soul in order to live your best life.

Angel Statue, Spiritual Readings in Novi, MI


Each individual session is 50 minutes for $125.00 Group sessions are also available by appointment, and have a three-hour minimum (due to multiple "mini" readings).

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Contact me at (248) 921-6140 to schedule an appointment for a intuitive consultation or spiritual counseling.

  To Prepare for a Session:

  • Make a list of important questions ahead of time and bring it to the appointment.
  • If you wish to communicate with a loved one in spirit, ask them to come to me.
  • Keep in mind that spirit offers messages for healing and hope and I cannot guarentee who will show up, however if there is unfinished business or  debilitating sadness, more than likely they will show to help you move beyond your grief.
  • Detach from the outcome, and trust that you are receiving the messages most important for you at this particular time.